19 April 2007

Visitor profile, 15 March to 14 April 2007

Have you ever wondered who besides you (and me, of course) visits this blog?

Here are some answers:

In the month between 15 March and 14 April 2007, Notes on Religion received 207 visits. These visits came from all the inhabited continents except South America. Most visitors (54%) came from Canada. The second-highest number came from the United States (27%). Britain came a distant third with 7%.

Within Canada, 63% of the visits came from Quebec.

The biggest proportion of visitors (36%) was referred to the blog by Blogger. As for those who were referred by Google, they were searching for all sorts of things, from '"aziz senni" bbc' to 'sarkozy'.

I'm glad to say that Firefox was the most popular browser (56%) among the users of this blog during the period under review. 95% of the visitors were Windows users.

Thank you for your continued participation in this conversation. :)

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