12 April 2007

Bosnia strips foreign fighters of citizenship

Bosnia-Herzegovina has revoked the citizenship of 367 foreign-born Muslim men who had fought for it in the Bosnian War. Those affected were originally from several Arab and European countries.

Several hundred foreign Muslims volunteered to fight for Bosnia-Herzegovina during the war, which lasted from 1992 to 1995. Many of them married Bosnian women and remained in the country after the war. Those who stayed were granted Bosnian citizenship.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has recently come under pressure from the US to re-examine the citizenship files, in order to make sure that the foreign-born Muslim community did not become a support base for terrorism (BBC).

Just another example of American diktat playing out in Central and Eastern Europe, with the countries of the region only too willing to oblige. First came "extraordinary rendition", i.e., the state-approved abduction of Muslims by the Americans and their handing over to foreign governments to interrogate under torture (a process in which several countries in the region seem to have cooperated). And now this.

I have no problem with proven terrorists having their citizenship revoked. But have any of these 367 men been found guilty of anything?

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