12 April 2007

Protesters attack Hindu temple in Uganda

A large group of Ugandans protesting against plans by a Ugandan-Asian-owned company to turn a third of the Mabira Forest into a sugarcane plantation have attacked a Hindu temple, trapping worshippers inside. Eventually, police rescued 40 people from the temple. Meanwhile, an Asian man found by the protesters on the street was stoned to death. Most of the protesters, however, were trying to peacefully express their opposition to the planned destruction of part of Mabira Forest (BBC).

Two remarks: Firstly, maybe it was premature for the Ugandan Asians to return to the country from which they were expelled in the 1970s. Clearly, racial prejudice is still alive and well in Uganda. Secondly, attacking the environment in this wanton fashion isn't likely to win you friends.

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