22 July 2007

South Koreans to negotiate with Taliban over hostages

A group of South Korean envoys are in Afghanistan in order to negotiate with the Taliban about 23 of their citizens who are being held hostage by the militant group. The Afghan army has surrounded the Taliban position in Ghazni Province where the militants are holding the South Koreans hostage.

The Afghan deputy interior minister, Gen. Munir Mangal, said that, since the Pashtuns are known for their hospitality, he hoped the Taliban would treat the South Koreans with respect (BBC).

It seems a little much to expect the Taliban to show hospitality to their hostages, now doesn't it? But there's no harm in reminding them of the values they hold so dear; after all, they sheltered Osama bin Laden in 2001 on the pretext that their hospitality is inviolable.

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