21 July 2007

Alleged terrorist training school busted in Italy

Police in the Italian city of Umbria have raided and shut down what they describe as a "terror school" linked to al-Qaeda. They arrested the imam of the mosque that housed the alleged terrorist training centre, a Moroccan named Korchi el Moustapha, as well as two other Moroccans linked to the mosque, and twenty foreign students suspected with involvement.

According to the police, the mosque provided training in the use of poinsons and explosives, and also possessed instructions on flying a Boeing 747.

Commenting about the suspects, Abdel Qader, the imam or another mosque in Perugia, said, "If any has made a mistake, he will have to pay" (BBC).

Once again, it seems, we are faced with a group determined to ruin the reputation of Muslims and, if the Italian allegations are true, determined to kill innocent people. If only they could me made to understand how wrong-headed their actions are.

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