18 July 2007

Pearl widow accuses Pakistani bank of role in murder

Mariane Pearl, the widow of Daniel Pearl, the American journalist who was murdered by extremists in Pakistan in 2002, is suing the Habib Bank in a Pakistani court for allegedly transferring money for the al-Rashid Trust which, according to her, is linked to her husband's killers.

According to Mrs Pearl, Daniel Pearl was killed in a house belonging to one of the trustees of the al-Rashid Trust (BBC).

If the bank was indeed involved in transferring money for the al-Rashid Trust, let's hope Mariane Pearl can get justice in a Pakistani court.

There is also the question, though, of whether the bank knew whom it was dealing with. To what extent is it possible for a bank to check on the activities of the trustees or board members of every organisation it has dealings with?

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