27 May 2007

Yet more on American Muslims

Here are some other findings of the Pew Research Center's survey of American Muslims:

35% of American Muslims were born in the United States.

24% were born in the Arab world, 18% in South Asia, 8% in Iran, 5% in Europe, 4% in non-Arab African countries.

After the United States, the countries that account for the largest number of American Muslims (by birth) are Pakistan and Iran (8% each). Next come India, Lebanon and Yemen (4% each), followed by Bangladesh, Iraq and Bosnia-Herzegovina (3% each).

18% of American Muslims only arrived in the US in 2000 or later.

Of foreign-born American Muslims, 26% came to the US primarily for "educational opportunity", 24% came for "economic opportunity", another 24% came for "family reasons", and 20% came to the US to escape conflict or persecution.

77% of Muslims in the United States are US citizens.

This is the third (of four) posts in a Notes on Religion series on the Pew Research Center's survey of American Muslims, released in May 2007. Here are links to the other three:

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