14 May 2007

Scientologists vs. BBC reporter

Representatives of the Church of Scientology, an organisation founded by science-fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, have allegedly stalked BBC reporter John Sweeney. While Sweeney was making a documentary on the religion, he counted 13 people following his team around. His hotel was also broken into.

Sweeney conducted several interviews with people who had been "disconnected", that is, cut off from all contact, by Scientologist relatives for not believing in the religion's doctrines.

Former Scientologists told Sweeney that one such doctrine is that, 75 million years ago, a space lord named Xenu forcibly brought a large number of "Thetans" to Earth, placed them inside volcanoes, and then blew them up using advanced weapons. Scientologists have to pay their church to find out about the religion's key beliefs, and knowledge about the belief in Xenu reportedly costs individual Scientologists £100,000 (Canadian $219,000) (BBC).

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