15 March 2007

Girl tries burqa, gets insults

Connecticut high-school student Caitlin Dean, a non-Muslim, went to school in a burqa for a day as an experiment. As a result, she was exposed to 50 hateful remarks from fellow students, including "Hey, we rape your women!" On the positive side, after this incident was revealed to the school population, interest in a Middle Eastern studies class soared (Hartford Courant).

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Maria said...

Years ago in Dhaka (predominantly muslim city) I witnessed young women (probably American) being harassed and insulted by a group of teenagers for wearing shorts while jogging.
Though I never wear shorts myself, I have to mention, that in extreme heat and humidity of Dhaka's streets it seems to be a reasonable outfit for jogging. But local people did not see it that way, they did see it as rejection of their norms and believes by a foreigner.
Not accepting something (or someone) different is very tipical for many muslims and non-muslims alike. We all have a long way to go to learn lessons of mutual respect.

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