19 March 2007

First "Little Mosque" season ends

Those of you in Canada, or US border states, or in cyberspace with a good broadband connection, may have been watching "Little Mosque on the Prairie" for the last couple of months. Well, it turns out that the maiden season of the show ended earlier this month, and "Little Mosque" might be back with another season in September. The show garnered an average audience of over a million viewers per episode, which is huge for Canada (which has about 32 million people).

Meanwhile, the "Little Mosque" writing team is getting somewhat aggressive: they've poached two writers from "Corner Gas", another celebrated Canadian show set in a small town in the prairies (Canadian Press).

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Maria said...

It has been certainly a succes.
Light-hearted, warm, funny, "Little Mosque" is building bridges of acceptance and understanding, so much needed in our complex society.
This is just like a non-invasive treatment of mistrust and rejection, that exist on some level between muslims and non-muslims.
While watching the show, smiling and laughing, we learn to be more appreciative of each other.

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