08 March 2009

Kadyrov bribing parents to name their sons Muhammad

The pro-Russian president of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, has announced that boys born tonight will receive 50,000 rubles (C$ 1,796 / US$ 1,398) from the Akhmad Kadyrov Fund, as a way to mark the Prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) birthday. In exchange, Kadyrov said he would "ask" the boys' parents to name their newborn sons Muhammad.

Kadyrov is also planning to distribute 5,000 rubles each to 10,000 poor Chechens. Furthermore, the Prophet's (pbuh) birthday is being marked with the distribution of flour and sugar to the poor, along with special prayers and fireworks in major Chechen cities (Белорусские новости).

What can I say? It's somewhat pathetic when a dictator as brutal as Kadyrov starts playing the religion card. Kadyrov can't even distribute charity without interfering in as personal a decision as naming one's child. I don't think he's fooling anyone, though, neither with his construction of the largest mosque in Europe, nor with his latest gimmick.

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