07 May 2008

Kashmir standardises the spelling of the name "Muhammad"

It is common in South Asia to spell the name Muhammad (when it is part of a man's name) as Mohd, or even Md. The practice is similar to the way William was once abbreviated "Wm." in English and Vladimir was shortened to "Vl." in Russian.

Now, Jammu and Kashmir is taking steps to combat the practice. The education department of the Indian state has issued an order to schools to record the first names of incoming students as "Muhammad", rather than the slightly distorted "Mohammed" or the abbreviated "Mohd" (Kolkata Telegraph).

I think it's a step in the right direction, provided the state doesn't start dictating the spelling of names in general.


Kelly said...

Hi Rashed:

Thanks for stopping by the blog.

I hadn't read about this particular issue, but you're right, there is a point where it becomes dangerous, so governments have to be careful.

Hope grad school is going well! I'm sure you're doing great.

Rashed said...

Hi, Kelly,

Thanks a lot for the return visit!

Yeah, grad school is going quite well, thank God. I got my MA last year, and hope to get done with my PhD in a couple of years, Deo volente.

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